I am a wife, mother of two three boys, professional photographer, triathlete, a wanna-be fancy cake baker, the baddest KC Royals and Chiefs fan, street corn junkie, singer/pianist/guitarist, a former invitation maker, aspiring code guru, can’t get enough Mexican food in my life, barber, Follower of Jesus, and an Ironman. I guess you could say I’m a Jack-of-all-Trades but a master of none 🙂

I created this blog to help me process and record many of my life’s most interesting events, but I also hope to inspire, encourage, and motivate others. This blog is focused on my love for triathlon and training, but it also includes gems from my personal and family life. I hope to provide a fresh perspective on what it’s like to be a triathlete and working mom at the same time, all while being a momma to a special needs child & how that intersects with faith, health, and wellness. Thanks for sharing in this journey with me!